HigterFrequency OVERSEAS NEWS



02 -Back To The Future Sound Of London
  -London Hit By 3 More Club Shootings
03 - Agoria's Criminal Convictions
  -US Police Secretly Spied On Festival Fans
04 -Luke Slater Sings The Blues
  -Judge Jules' Personality Crisis
05 -Tejada Cleans Up
  -Sci Fi's Smoke And Mirrors
06 -Crosstown Rebels Get Mixed Up Again
  -Richie Kontakts Howells And Dope
10 -DJ Magazine Faces Uncertain Future
11 -Paul Van Dyk Wins A Medal
  -New Video ID Laws Approved For New York Clubs
12 - Green Velvet's Apocalyptic Touch
  - Mekon's Minimal Meaning Of Life
13 -My Best Friend Scatters Cosmic Sandwich
  -All Bets Are Off For Poker Flat
16 -Border Community Gets Higher
  - Hard House's Even Harder Dance Awards
17 -Ewan Pearson Anxiously Awaits The Rapture
  - Duke Dumont's Media Class War
18 -James Holden Cheers On The Idiots
  - Tiefschwarz's Souvenir Seeks 'Fresh, Confident, Crazy Music'
19 -Brothers Present Unknown Martini
  -Fabric's Neapolitan Flavour
20 -Kompakt Pop In For Some Ambience
  -Rob And Coco Re-Listen
23 -Tiesto's HIV Test Admission
  -Fabric Chief Lashes Moby & Madonna
24 -Steve Bug & Zabiela @ South Africa's Global Breakthrough
  -John Foxx's Cathedral Of Dreams
25 - Oakey's Superstar Surprise
  -Optimo And Mule Go Walkabout
26 -Defected Loves House
  -A Dim Sonar Tone
27 - DJ Mag's Bag Of Surprises
  -Fire Destroys Australia?s Future
30 - UK Superclub Evicted Due To 'Dying Dance Scene'
  - Ozzy Osbourne's Son- I Haven't Retired From DJing!
31 - Black Strobe's Paris Syndrome Shocker
  -US Rave Raid Arrests Dismissed