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Paul Oakenfold

international news _ 25th October, 2006

Oakey’s Superstar Surprise

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Paul Oakenfold revealed this week that his new single Sex 'N Money was inspired by the ‘hundreds of thousands of wannabe actors’ he’s observed on LA’s ‘soulless’ party scene, and their desperate search for fame.

“The bigger message is that the current climate in the world today is that people are obsessed with celebrities,” the superstar spinner told The Miami Herald.

“For kids today, it doesn't matter what you're famous for -- as long as you're famous.”

His dismissal of the relative merits of fame matched those of fellow British dance superstar Felix from Basement Jaxx who told Skrufff recently that as well as being forgotten by friends when returning home from tour he’d also forget himself.

“I can’t remember loads of what I’ve been doing for the last however many years, because you get tired with all the constant traveling and end up fucked up,” he admitted. “Time passes. I want to appreciate what I’ve got in life, I want to get something out of it, because otherwise you do feel an emptiness and feel a bit lost.”

The Brixton based star also said success counts for surprisingly little when measured against the mundane details of life common to all.

“Winning a Grammy and headlining Glastonbury doesn’t mean that your life gets sorted out and that you don’t have problems with your relationship and your day to day life; that never goes away, it’s just your types of problems change,” he mused,

“It’s harder to be happier with more success, definitely; you up the ante and your goal posts change.”

Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe concurred in an interview with Skrufff last year, declaring ‘money doesn’t bring you happiness though it’s nice not to have to worry about it too much, which isn’t the same thing as happiness.’

“That sounds terrible to someone who’s sleeping on the streets, but happiness is a very complicated issue and it’s not simply related to money,” he said.

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