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Phil Hartnoll 204 : Phil Hartnoll Interveiw
A man who needs no introduction, Phil Hartnoll is one of the founding fathers of modern music. After revolutionizing the electronica scene with ... (more)
Mr Sam 203 : Jaytech Interveiw
While most 14 year olds were out causing ruckus, James "Jimbo" Cayzer started to making dance music and has since worked with top labels ... (more)
Mr Sam 202 : Mr Sam Interveiw
Mr. Samuel Paquet has literally crossed borders to become the newest big name in the trance scene. Moving from the north of France to Belgium ... (more)
Melt! Festival 201 : Stephan Lehmkuhl Interveiw
July saw the tenth installment of the Melt! Festival, about an hour outside Berlin. An amazingly friendly festival, it had a really varied mix ... (more)
Sweet n Candy 200 : Tiefschwarz Interveiw
With over 10 years of trotting the global, DJ'ing, producing, and remixing, Tiefschwarz have built a solid reputation for not only their amazing ... (more)
Sweet n Candy 199 : Sweet 'n Candy Interveiw
Rico Henschel has become an undergound superstar with his brand of minimal, tech house in a very short time. His first big break cam when his track ... (more)
Heartthrob 198 : Jeff Mlligan Interveiw
Since 1999 Jeff Milligan has brought the world the best in Minimal/Techno/House through his label Revolver Recordings Canada. Drawing influence and ... (more)
Heartthrob 197 : Heartthrob Interveiw
Heartthrob, known to some as Jesse Siminski, was raised in Northern Michigan and was heavily influenced by the Chicago and Detroit scenes. It was... (more)
Ananda Project 196 : Ananda Project Interveiw
What started out as a demo mix tape has evolved into the critically acclaimed, soulful sounds of the Ananda Project. Masterminded by Chris Brann... (more)
Tiger Stripes 195 : Tiger Stripes Interview
Hailing from a small Swedish Town, Mikael Nordgren was destined to be a musician. Learning every instrument in a band ... (more)
Digitalism 194 : Digitalism Interview
Listening to the new album “Idealism” from the duo of Digitalism you could be forgiven for thinking these guys come from deep within the French house... (more)
Stewart Walker 193 : Stewart Walker Interview
From the beginning, Stewart Walker decided to stand out from the crowds. After ditching the guitar, and unlike most opted for a synthesizer and not a ... (more)
Triple R 192 : Triple R Interview
Riley Reinhold started DJing way back in 1984 and continues to wow the crowds not only from behind the decks but from almost every medium ... (more)
Trentemoller 191 : Trentemoller Interview
The most important thing is to believe in your own sound and not to listen too much to what the top DJs are playing or whats hip right now ... (more)
Apparat 190 : Apparat Interview
Originally from East Germany, Sasha Ring has come a long way since his upbringing. Known to the masses as a master manipulator with his ... (more)
Ewan Pearson 190 : Ewan Pearson
With major label album’s including Tracey Thorne’s and the Rapture’s under his belt plus an ever lengthening list of A list remix commissions... (more)
Sandy Rivera 189 : Sandy Rivera Interview
’If you’ve been to a club anytime since the 2001 release of Kings of Tomorrow ‘Finally’ then you are no doubt already familiar ... (more)
Gildas 188 : Gildas Interview
"English people are treated like children, everything closes at 2am or whenever and then they all have to go to bed. You also can’t go and... (more)
Narcotic Syntax 187 : Narcotic Syntax Interview
Formed in 1996, Narcotic Syntax was originally a series of collaborative efforts helmed by DJ/producer James Dean Brown (Peter Weiss)... (more)
Pier Bucci 186 : Pier Bucci Interview
Hailing from Chile, where he befriended the likes of Cadenza boss Luciano and techno’s resident eccentric Ricardo Villalobos, ... (more)
AIR 185 : AIR Interview
When the powers of Nicolas Godin & Jean-Benoît Dunckel combine they form the formidable super duo AIR. Besides their foray into the ... (more)
Phil Cheeseman 184 : Black Strobe Interview
“Liberal bullshit!” Communicating with Skrufff via email, electro-tech pioneer and all round icon Ivan Smaghhe clearly ... (more)
Phil Cheeseman 183 : Phil Cheeseman E-Mail Interview
After four years of silence Strictly Rhythm Records, the label that quite possibly got you into dance music in the first place, will be opening the vault ... (more)
Nic Fanculli 182 : Nic Fanculli Interview
Nic Fanciulli is not only the man behind the “Renaissance presents Nic Fanciulli” series and the burgeoning label Saved Records ... (more)
Oliver Huntemann 181 : Oliver Huntemann Interview
“Samantha Fox is one of my youth dreams. I was fifteen or sixteen when she became a pop star. I found her on Myspace and thought ... (more)
avus 180 :Extrawelt E-Mail Interview
Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe are the names behind Border Community duo Extrawelt. While you may have ... (more)
avus 179 : Paolo Mojo Interview in Tokyo
You mayve heard his Heretic radioshow, youve definitely heard his prog stomping 1983 and now youve even ... (more)
avus 178 : Avus Interview in Tokyo
He may not have bee a drummer for Rod Stewart but thanks to his releases on Klang Elektronik, Perc Trax and Border Community... (more)
troy_pierce 177 : Troy Pierce Interview in Tokyo
Midwest born Troy Pierce eventually found his way to the minimal Mecca of Berlin and the welcoming arms of the Minus family but that wasnt before ... (more)
Funk D'void 176 : Funk D'void Interview in Tokyo
A George Clinton inspired tattooed Scotsman with the proclivity for hanging out on Barcelona beaches. Sound like a character from. (more)
Dominik Eulberg 175 : Dominik Eulberg Interview in Tokyo
You mayve first heard of Dominik Eulberg back in 2003 when his debut release Der Hecht Im Karpfenteich came out on Riley Reinholds Cologne label Traum Schallplatten .... (more)
Petter 174 : Petter Interview in Tokyo
Petter Nordkvist reigns from that winter wonderland that can be found tucked snuggly between Finland and Norway. His music has been eminating from Scandinavia .... (more)
MJ Cole 173 : MJ Cole Interview
If you are into UK Garage then there is no doubt you will know the name MJ Cole. This scene dominator has been making waves ever since his first release dropped on London's .... (more)
Dennis Ferrer 172 : Dennis Ferrer Interview with Jonty Skrufff
Dennis Ferrer has been making music since the 90fs but youfll still hear this innovative producer described as "upcoming" .... (more)
Ame 171 : Ame Interview with Jonty Skrufff
We certainly thought Rej could be a hit, but only on the scale that wefd already achieved in the underground scene we're in. .... (more)