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With over 10 years of trotting the global, DJ'ing, producing, and remixing, Tiefschwarz have built a solid reputation for not only their amazing DJ sets but for their killer releases as well. With the recent release of "10 Years of Tiefschwarz - Blackmusic" the Schwarz brothers have once again redefined their style by giving their fans a mix, the originals and remixes all in one neat little package.

HigherFrequency caught up with brother Ali Schwarz to find out more the latest CD, their logevity and what's in store for the future.

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HigherFrequency (HRFQ) : Disc one of "Black Musik" has a wide variety of music. How difficult was it to choose just 18 tracks to represent your musical influences?

Ali Schwarz : It was difficult in the beginning when me and Basti sat down to think, but as soon as we started and realized we wanted to it really personal it became much easier. We had a few arguments about which direction, but that was maybe one hour and then we solved it. It was actually quite easy really, we were just lucky. I know other people who did a similar compilation and they needed four weeks just to think about it... It kind of happened by accident but it has come out really well.

HRFQ : Over your ten years together making music as Tiefschwarz what has been the most memorable moment?

Ali: There have been too many; there's one I remember as a DJ. I played on the Sugar Loaf in Rio and played into the sunrise at this open air thing. As the sun came up over Rio and people were totally off the hook and it was an amazing moment – one of another 200 amazing moments, but this stands out for me now.

HRFQ : "Black Musik" has coming out on your label Souvenir. The label has just had four releases so far, how do you go about choosing the artists and music?

Ali : Well, I mean we are three people and of course all of us have to like the music, but mainly me and Basti are in charge of A&R. We get music online, we get sent music, handed over in clubs whenever we play .We don’t have a rule - we are listening to everything… The main this is if it touches us and we like it, there’s no rule – if we love it and can play it we sign it.

HRFQ : The first release came from Ichundu which is actually you two with Jochen Schmalbach. What is like for another artist working their way into a team of brothers?

Ali : We met each other in Stuttgart, we were friends already and we (me and Basti) wanted to work with another partner… He was in the same building and we were just chatting and thought to try and make more club music. He was doing more band and rock and pop… it happened by accident really.

HRFQ : This year there was a Tiefschwarz 10th Anniversary gig in Tokyo where only one of you played. Is this just because your schedule is so booked you have to be in two places at once?

Ali : Yes, sometimes it’s like that, I was in South America at that time and Basti was in Japan. Sometimes we have very interesting requests and we can’t do everything together.

HRFQ : And finally, after a ten year career so far what is next on Tiefschwarz’s agenda?

Ali : Of course concentrating on the label, we are working on a new single at the moment and doing two more remixes… For next year we are going to work on new material for a new Tiefschwarz album. We are going to start in the Autumn - when the big part of the tour is gone - and begin collecting for next year. We’re doing a remix for DJ Pierre for his Strictly Rhythm anthem and we’re working on a remix for Turntable Rockers – they remixed us so we swap and remix them!

End of the interview

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