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Dimlite / This Is Embracing

international news _ 26th October, 2006

A Dim Sonar Tone

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

There is a new album coming very shortly from un-classifiable German label Sonar Kollektiv. “This Is Embracing” will be the Swiss artist Dimlite’s second release for Jazzanova’s collective after he released his debut album “Runbox Weathers“ in the first half of last year.

Since starting with Sonar Kollektiv in 2003 Dimlite, real name Dimitri Grimm, has had a very productive spell. As well as various singles and now two albums under the name Dimlite, Grimm also produces as the Slapped Eyeballers. His track 'Or At Least’ can be found on the recent mix CD “Jazzanova…broad casting”.

“This Is Embracing” is a downtempo affair with swirling synths punctuated by deep beats and for the first time Dimlite opens up his studio. One collaboration comes from Buddy Leezle who reigns from band 215/TFK and another is with Gaby Hernandez of Build An Ark fame.

“This Is Embracing” will be released on November 11.

01. Locked
02. Lullaby For Gastric Ulcer
03. Outernational Duet feat. Gaby Hernandez
04. 130 Seconds Glimpse (Interlude)
05. Hungeryears & Advanced Communication
06. Oh Star… (Interlude)
07. Sophisticated Youthpower feat. Buddy Leezle
08. Bougainvillea Chamber
09. Cosmic Echoes In The Mockery Room
10. The Way Blood Travels
11. Stairways To The Good Shredder (TSE Intermission)
12. Occasionally Touching Earth
13. Now Walk
14. Count Your Sunrises
15. Es Gschank

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