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Tommie Sunshine

international news _ 10th October, 2006


Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

US superstar producer/ DJ Tommie Sunshine claimed club music genres have started merging again, in an interview with Australian magazine X Press this week, and said he welcomed the breaking down of musical barriers.

“My take on all of this was very Chicago house which then turned into kind of techno, and then went to kind of electro, and then electroclash and now I don’t even know what you call this music anymore, you know what I mean?” said Tommie.

“Electro-house isn’t even the right title for it. I think we’re all just back to playing house music.”

Electroclash founder Larry Tee begged to differ, however, and said he’s currently calling his own mish-mash of styles ‘distortion disco’.

“I don’t agree it is just house, when house arrived everyone called it disco but I knew the sound and depth was very different. And today minimal is a huge influence even in so-called electro-house. But house music? Ney. Dance music, yes,” said Larry.

“I don’t regret anything to do with electroclash,” the New York based DJ/ producer added, “It was a substantial step forward and the soundtrack for a new generation that found house music to be mom and dads' music.”

Hip hop- electro diva Princess Superstar took a different view from them both, arguing ‘I think we all are playing house music- house music of the future.’

“It’s too bad the word electro got so many people upset because it really is a great word. Everyone should be mad at the word "electronica"- now that word really makes me sick,” she continued.

“Whenever anyone asks me what I play I say ‘Hot Sweaty Slutty Party Jams.”