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international news _ 12th October, 2006

Mekonís Minimal Meaning Of Life

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

UK undergound dance stalwart Mekon (aka John Gosling) chatted to Skrufff this week about his typically eclectic, interesting new artist album and revealed heís resolutely uninterested in mainstream crossover success.

ďI think it becomes a lot of work, doesnít it? As far as I can make out when you become really successful you have to start working really hard and Iím pretty lazy; cheerfully lazy,Ē he chuckled.

ďIím not bitter in any way about other people becoming successful, because I think you are either that kind of person or you are not. You are either driven or you are not. The ones that really want to be successful, itís like a genetic thing, as far as I can make out, because I have known quite a few people that have had nothing then gone on to make a lot of money. You can see it in them. Lee (Alexander) McQueen for one. As much as heís like a really talented guy, heís also a really good business man and really driven.Ē

Mekon provided musical backing for many of the superstar fashion designerís earliest shows and admitted heís perplexed by todayís Kate Moss obsessed celebrity culture.

ďAndy Warhol was right, wasnít he? He was predicting it would be like this all that time ago,Ē said Mekon.

ďItís difficult to say, itís like the chicken and the egg. Do those people crave it or do we create it? Who is to blame? Everyone is to blame. Itís both sides isnít it?Ē

Mekonís (fantastic) new single Yes, Yes, Y'All (featuring Roxanne Shante) is out shortly on Wall Of Sound (his album "Something Came Up" is out now).

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