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international news _ 13th October, 2006

My Best Friend Scatters Cosmic Sandwich

Text by Nick Lawrence (Skrufff.com)

Uber cool Cologne based label Traum Schallplatten is offering the average Joe off the street a chance to enter the world of remixing through a competition they are running on their sublabel My Best Friend. Longtime fans of MBF and first time listeners alike are being offered the chance for their remix of Cosmic Sandwhich’s yet to be released ‘Scatter Realm’ to appear on his upcoming EP “Battle Twig“.

Cosmic Sandwich is artist Steve Barnes who started his career on FatCat Records back in ‘98 under the guise of Process. Nowadays Steve is a firm fixture on all members of the Traum family producing using his real name for Trapez appearances, Cosmic Sandwich for everything MBF and Process for releases on the Traum parent label.

Anyone wanting to try their hand at remixing in the hope of featuring on a My Best Friend release, as well as collecting some tidy little prizes, should head to FOEM, a website that is not only hosting this Cosmic Sandwich competition but is also a strong supporter of electronic youth.

The ‘Scatter Realm’ remix competition runs from October 1 to December 31.

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