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international news _ 23rd October, 2006

Fabric Chief Lashes Moby & Madonna

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Fabric founder Keith Reilly branded birthdays ‘trivial pursuits’ this week as his East London club prepared to mark its seventh year and launched similarly outspoken attack on modern celebrity culture.

“I feel a great sadness for the effects of it, not just celebrity culture but the fact there’s such a high speed component to everything nowadays- everything has to be spontaneous,” he complained.

“I feel a great sadness for so many people who’ve got caught up in it all, especially younger kids who already think they’re failed at 18 if they haven’t had an audition on X Factor and been to every club on Ibiza.”

Admitting he’d never been to Ibiza ever, the usually reticent though hugely influential club chief said he finds London’s celebrity scene alien and addressed the persistent rumours that Moby and Madonna have both been barred from Fabric in the past.

“Madonna’s not been turned away three times, that’s a load of nonsense, she hasn’t, but we have refused to cater for what she asked for,” Keith explained.

“She wanted to come here with ten of her own security plus a big entourage and take over half the VIP lounge. I don’t want that. I’m not going to displace our regulars. What’s more important to me than the Madonna is the spotty faced kid from Norwich who’s fucking cycled down here for the club. That’s actually happened, someone cycled here all the way from Norwich. He came for the music and he’s more important to me than her, because she wasn’t coming here to listen to the music; the only reason she wanted that big entourage was because it was all about making a big appearance and entrance. Look at me. Other people have come down here and wandered round the club, everyone from Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bono and Keither Sutherland, they didn’t give a shit and they had no problems.”

He was markedly less sympathetic about Moby, however, suggesting the New York popster had been rude.

“We’ve had a few people turned away in those age-old ‘do you know who I am?’ scenarios, and those people are pretty much dickheads- like Moby, he was a classic,” said Keith.

“He said ‘do you know who I am?’ we said ‘yeah, we do know who you are, you’re not coming in, you little twit’. He was just being such a bore at the door and one thing I will not accept is people being rude to our staff. Anyone that judges anyone by what they do or the size of their wallet or considers themselves better than someone else, I don’t care who you are, if you’re rude in anyway to our staff, you’re not welcome here,” he added.

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