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John Foxx

international news _ 25th October, 2006

Optimo And Mule Go Walkabout

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Fresh off the back of their recent Japanese tour Scottish duo Optimo have signed up with one of Tokyo’s most upfront labels, Mule Musiq. The Mule office have sprouted a new sub label called Endless Flight and managed to persuade Optimo to get behind the decks for its debut release. The result is “Walkabout”, a journey of deep, twisted sounds stirred together with a sprinkling of leftfield looniness.

You should remember hearing from JG Wilkes and JD Twitch in 2004 when they released the massive 2 CD mix “How To Kill The DJ” for Parisian imprint Kill The DJ Records. And if you are a resident of Glasgow then you may have had the pleasure of enjoying their Sunday night club-night called Optimo which in the past has featured lineups involving Michael Mayer, Isolee, Luciano, Chicks On Speed and Franz Ferdinand.

“Walkabout” will be released on Mule Musiq on November 18.

01. Throbbing Gristle / Walkabout
02. Grungerman / Grungerman
03. Panasonic / Hapatus
04. M. Perini / Electrofrogs
05. Like A Tim / Aibe Stracie
06. Lenny Dee & Nicolai Vorkapich / The Virus
07. Philus / Kuvio 3
08. Shane Berry / Fillertet 2
09. Boris / My Machine
10. Godsy / Razor Against Silk
11. Suicide / Radiation
12. Eventell and Metaboman / Control a Zoid
13. Thomas Brnkmann / Momomexico
14. 6k / Tighten
15. Marc Houle / Bay of Figs
16. Herbert / Moving Like A Train (Smith & Hack Remix)
17. Radio Sampling in Nagoya...
18. Black Dice / Manoman

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