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Future Sound Of London

international news _ 2nd October, 2006

Back To The Future Sound Of London

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com) _ Photo by DI VIDOS

Ambient electronic pioneers The Future Sound Of London are poised for a new lease of life with the upcoming release of their Greatest Hits album "Teachings From the Electronic Brain" which is being accompanied by a series of remixes by the likes of the Wighomy Brothers and King Roc.

The band enjoyed immediate massive commercial success with one of their first singles 'Papau New Guinea' though rapidly shed the mainstream as frontman Gary Cobain relentlessly concentrated on developing his consciousness. Chatting to Skrufff two years ago, he admitted he’d virtually renounced commercial success in favour of downsizing and pursuing his dreams.

“I absolutely consider myself as a visionary and saying that I realize people will be go ‘arrogant cock, what a wanker!’ But I must say in the same breath, everybody is a visionary, everybody is the light and everybody has the utmost power to be whatever they want to be,” said Gary,

“Life and every aspect of it is even more amazing, the more aware you are; to breathe and fuck, whatever you want consciously becomes the most amazing thing. But most people seek unconsciousness in their daily lives because they find it too painful to be conscious,” he said.

“People are gradually realizing, ‘actually I’ll make less money, take more risks, have more faith, sell my house, move out of London, work for different people, find different people, then discover ‘My God, life’s a trip, My God, life’s exciting, My God how did I ever accept the prison walls’,” he continued, “and that’s what it’s all about.”

“I don’t need massive amounts of money, to be honest; I live very simply. At those points when people threaten my freedom of expression, I just say goodbye and go with people that love what I do.

“You need to throw off the fear, and take those acts of faith and leap and operate out of this new centre; then you might just be surprised,” he added.

"Teachings From The Electronic Brain" is out now on Virgin Records.

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