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international news _ 2nd October, 2006

London Hit By 3 More Club Shootings

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

One man was shot dead and another two seriously wounded in incidents at the Scala and Fridge nightclubs last weekend, in the latest outburst of gun violence to strike the capital’s clubs.

Daniel Ross, 22, was killed inside Kings Cross venue the Scala in the early hours of Sunday morning while another two men, described as being of ‘South East Asian origin’ were shot and wounded outside the Fridge as a hard house/ trance night wound down.

Junaid Wajahat Sheikh, 20, was also killed inside the Scala four years ago, when he was kicked to death by a gang during a Cookies and Cream night, while Mr Ross was reportedly shot to death on the dance floor.

"Everyone dispersed from the dance floor to exit doors and there was chaos,” murder squad Detective Chief Inspector Fiona Mallon told local newspaper Dash24.

"But (although) there was 850-1,000 at the club, we have only two or three witnesses who have come forward. The victim was standing virtually next to a big cage where DJs were playing music. I can't see how someone would not have seen who did this,” she said.

Three men were subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder, two of whom remain in custody.

The latest shootings came six weeks after Sharif Zaiden, 18, was shot dead at a private party at nearby Kings Cross club Egg. A 27 year old man has since been arrested in connection with the killing.

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