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international news _ 22nd August, 2006

Gun & Knife Killings Hit London Clubland

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Two clubbers were murdered in separate incidents in London this week at Kings Cross club Egg and Soho celebrity haunt Kabaret’s Prophecy.

18 year old West Londoner Sharif Zaiden, an MC with rising grime collective the Cold Hearted Crew, was shot four times on the dancefloor of Egg’s VIP area last Saturday night, while French tourist Sede Makaya, 24 was stabbed to death outside Kabaret’s Prophecy after being ejected from the venue after rowing inside with his attacker. Both killings happened three weeks after a 17-year-old youth was shot and wounded at a hip hop night hosted by Tim Westwood at Islington’s Carling Academy and a 26 year old was shot outside Turnmills (at an R&B night called Red Carpet) in North London.

“With these type of incidents it always seems that there’s an issue before the night and not something that’s spontaneous,” Islington Chief Superintendent Barry Norman told the Standard (speaking about the three shootings), “One of the two parties goes to the venue with the intention of carrying something like that out,” he speculated,

Knife victim Sede Makaya had reportedly been visiting London when he was killed on the street outside Kabaret’s Prophecy, a tiny VIP haunt, frequented by celebrities including Madonna, Jude Law and Paris Hilton.

"Two guests started a fracas within the club and were immediately asked to leave by Kabaret’s security. Neither of the clientele had ever been seen in the club before, they were not regulars,” a club spokesperson told National News.

"Kabaret’s security were satisfied that the fight had been stopped but unfortunately it continued further down the street where one of the men was stabbed and tragically died a few hours later in hospital,” she added.

Beyonce was reportedly turned back from the club by police as she tried to enter, minutes after the incident.