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Alex Smoke

international news _ 5th October, 2006

Sci Fi's Smoke And Mirrors

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Glasgow based Soma Recordings has handpicked local boy Alex Smoke to bring home volume three of their relatively new “Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi” series. Six months ago Cadenza boss and DC10 resident during the 2006 summer, Luciano, kicked a goal for the series with tunes from Adam Beyer, Mule Musiq’s Kuniyuki and Cadenza co-owner Serafin.

Rewind the clock another six months and pop loving producer Ewan Pearson opened up proceedings for Soma with “Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi_01”. Ewan’s disc saw names like Serge Santiago, Ricardo Villalobos and Different Gear all collide in one very cool mix that has obviously proved a success.

Since 2004 Alex Smoke has had a strong relationship with Soma Recordings, releasing numerous singles and two albums including his latest 13 track effort “Paradolia” in March of this year. When not releasing on Soma the Glaswegian artist aligns himself with Berlin based Vakant and has produced remixes for a varied list of labels lwhich includes Crosstown Rebels, Trapez and small independent label Lan Muzic.

ALex Smoke's "Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi_03" will be released by Soma Recordings on October 30.

01. Porn Sword Tobacco / Najat Library Card
02. Burial / Gutted
03. Basic Channel / Radiance1
04. Model 500 / M69 Starlight
05. Rythmn & Sound / See Mi Version (Basic Reshape)
06. Troy Pierce / 25 Bitches (Gaiser Remix
07. Stewart Walker Vs Theorem / Minor Explosions
08. Add Noise / Loose Wire (AC Version)
09. Aril Brikha / Aqua
10. The Vision / Detroit: One Circle
11. Thomas Brinkmann / Xenia
12. Claro Intelecto / Peace of Mind
13. Musica Charlista / Juan & Alex
14. EPY / Faktum
15. Alex Smoke / Pingu
16. Quixote / Squat
17. Alex Smoke / Always & Forever (Vapid Mix)
18. 2000 & One / Fokus

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