HigterFrequency OVERSEAS NEWS



02 -Tresor Club Back In Action
  -Roger Sanchez's Battle Of The Sexes
02 -Getting Physical For 5 Years
  -Tiesto Taunts Too Cool Coke Heads
07 -My Best Friend's Movement
  -Coburn's E Bay Error
08 -UNKLE's War Stories
  -Party Police Shut Pacha New York
  -Judge Jules Rocks Out In Ibiza
09 -Rekids 1st Birthday
  -Police Renew Glastonbury No-Go Zone (Again)
  -Filthy French House Fight
10 -Freeland Joins the Mexican Underground
  -Kevin Saunderson's Beat-Matching Method
11 -Pendulum Set Off Earstorm
  -Def Mix DJs DJ To The Death
14 -Best DJ Battle in Dubai
  -Berlin's New Tresor- Beyond The Superclub
15 -Diesel Fueled Music
  -1 in 3 Hoxton Triangle Clubs Threatened with Closure
16 -Late Blooming Guy
  -Looking Like A Gay 'the New Black'
17 -Cocoon's ABC's
  -New Order's Peter Hook Calls It a Day
18 -Ten Years of Being a Gigolo
  -Tiesto Emulates Oakenfold's Origins
21 -Late Night Tales by Lindstrom
  -Tim Deluxe's No Romantic Rave
22 -Crossing In To Italy
  -Upper Classes Go Raving Mad
23 -Line Up to Get Loaded
  -Manumission Rave About Rock
24 -Ewan Pearson Makes Fabric
  -Christopher Lawrence Backs Out For 2 Months
25 -Last Ninja vs. The Crowd
  -Jonty Skrufff DJs @ Tresor's Re-Opening
  -Digitalism- The Next (Electroclash) Generation
28 -A New Form Of Justice
  -Veteran DJs Defend Vinyl
29 -A Kompakt Memory
  -Fabric Mangle Minimal
30 -Azuli goes to Space
  -No Burning @ Burning Man @ Glade
31 -Party To The Sound Of The Taico
  -And Justice For Michael Jackson