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Judge Jules

international news _ 8th May, 2007

Judge Jules Rocks Out In Ibiza

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Judge Jules chatted to Skrufff this week about booking rock/ indie acts including Bloc Party, Trash Fashion and Boyznoise to perform at Judgement Sunday in Ibiza this summer and agreed hes been inspired by the latest crossover between rock and dance.

"Whilst it's not reinventing the wheel, it's definitely confirmed what many of us long knew- that the dividing line between indie and dance was actually quite a narrow one," said Jules, "Though it should be stressed that these are DJ sets from these acts. We're just trying to open up to a broader musical perspective."

Jules has also parted company with the restaurant he ran in San Antonio for the last two seasons ('I was over extending myself- not my waistline, but the amount of hours in the day') and said Judgement Sunday remains his top Ibiza priority.

"We've long been one of Ibiza's 'must visit' nights, but the key change this year is Judgement Sunday (JS) evolving into a three room event, so it's more like a mini festival than a club," he explained. "This has brought indie dance along on some weeks, and soul/rare groove on others, in addition to our normal fare. Overall JS has long shown a side of San Antonio that many didn't realise existed."

Jonty Skrufff DJs at Judgement Sunday on July 8.

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