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international news _ 29th May, 2007

A Kompakt Memory

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

The third showcase of the talent from Kompakt is set to be released. "Speicher 3" was mixed by Michael Mayer and Joerg Burger and promises to be the "finest selection" of the Cologne sound.

Kompakt has received much love from many top artists and DJs in the industry. They have also released tracks from the likes of Sasha Funke, T. Raumschmiere, Thomas Fehlmann, Dominik Eulberg and so many others.

Like previous "Speicher" CD's, this one sees the two (digitally) mixing Kompakt's huge selection of 12"s and their website claims "Might Contain Traces of Robson Ponte", so for those of you who allergic, proceed with caution.

"Speicher 3" will be released on June 11th.

01. DJ Koze / Na Cha Cha
02. Davidovitch / Cellophane
03. Superpitcher / Enzain
04. Stardiver / Another Moment of Silence
05. Tom Pooks / Pablo Assan's
06. Axel Bartsch / Galaxy
07. Broke / Overthat
08. John Dahlback / Wet Summer
09. Misc / Status Now
10. Motiivi: Tuntematon / I Don't Feel Good (When You're Not Around)
11. Davidovich / Insider
12. Jurgen Paape / Fruity Loops #2
13. Mayer/Voigt / Transperanza
14. Axel Bartsch / Deal
15. Motiivi: Tuntematon / Mankind Failed

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