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international news _ 2nd May, 2007

Tiesto Taunts Too Cool Coke Heads

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Dutch superstar DJ Tiesto embraced his reputation for playing 'cheesy, rubbish' trance this week and launched a vitriolic tirade against 'too cool' critics.

"Trance is really wonderful as people can let themselves go, which you can't do with cool music because the people are too cool," he complained, "They don't smile too much, they are with their own friends and are very arrogant – it's a different attitude." (Metro)

"At Tiesto parties, everyone comes to have a good time and talk to each other. I'm proud of that," DJ Magazine top 100 number 1 DJ told London Metro," If it's called cheesy or rubbish, that's fine but I think it's better to have that instead of people who don't look or talk to each other, drink champagne and go to the toilets every 20 minutes," he sniffed.

His defiant comments echoed those of DJ magazine's number 2 DJ Armin Van Buuren who also defended trance in an interview with Canadian magazine Vue Weekly last month.

"I would still be making trance, I'd still be doing this if I was number ten thousand or whatever," Armin claimed, "You know, I've always believed in this sound."

UK trance star Gareth Emery who boosted his career significantly when he went on record saying '95% of trance is cheesy bollocks' was less outspoken this week and even spoke out in support of Tiesto.

"Tiesto's a guy that's done a lot for the scene and he has made some amazing tracks in the past," Gareth suggested, "Also, his support of some of my early records were definitely instrumental in helping me to get where I am today."

"I think most DJs would rather play to a less cool but up-for-it crowd, than a pretentious bunch more interested in checking each other out than having a good time," he added, "That said, music and crowd don't necessarily reflect each other - I've seen crowds unashamedly going crazy to supposedly 'cool' music," he said.

"A lot of people only consider certain music to be "cool" because it's spoon-fed to them as being "cool" by the media, when often it's total shit," Gareth continued.

"Content-wise, there's lots of very cool records that broadly fall into the category of trance, but they'll never be considered credible by the wider dance music fraternity because the word 'trance' is so tarnished," he told Skrufff.

Meanwhile in America, electro-rock one-time Felix Da Housecat collaborator Tommie Sunshine laid into 'cool' New York club kids and ridiculed them for claiming to like Justice while happily dancing to Christina Aguilera and Beyonce ('In reality, [Beyonce] is really the music they like', he told the Village Voice).

"Being cool doesn't make you money," Sunshine added, "You know what being cool gets you? It gets you laid, and it gets you free drinks and free cocaine," he scoffed,

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