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international news _ 23rd May, 2007

Manumission Rave About Rock

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Manumission declared their San Antonio night Ibiza Rocks ‘owns the indie invasion of the White Isle’ this week, prompting the Guardian to suggest ‘big-named DJs are expected to incorporate "electro-rock" into their sets this summer.’

Andy Manumission was even more bullish, comparing the island’s (relatively) cheap and cheerful Brit filled resort of San Antonio to London’s famed indie capital of Camden.

"What's happened is that guitar music has forced its way onto Ibiza,” he told the Guardian, “And now I think it's going to take over."

“When we launched, many people laughed at the idea of bringing live bands to Ibiza and it was very hard to book the bands,” he added, “The bands we booked a couple of years ago as relative unknowns are now returning to headline as platinum selling number one artists.”

Dawn Manumission told Skrufff San Antonio ‘has redefined a new cool on the island, which Ibiza Town can only follow’ and blasted ‘too cool for school’ Ibiza house veterans stuck in the past.

“Some live in a 90's bubble that they hope will never burst, but the new kids on the street and real fashion leaders know where the action is,” she said.

San Antonio is still the main destination for the UK youth traveller and it’s the focus of new rock music on the island. The sound track is changing at this side of the island and thank God you’re just as likely to hear The Gossip being played as a dance anthem there-at least in bar M. In bar M one night last summer we had Peaches Geldof, Jade Jagger, Noel Gallager, Zac Starkey and the whole of Kasabian and Protocol. This isn’t a crowd you’re going to get together anywhere else on the Island,” she said.

“Ibiza still loves the big name DJs, but we think maybe the new audiences are less enthusiastic. The Ibiza Rocks crowd is often still going out to a club later after the gig, its not two distinct audiences, but there is an element here that don't want to see anything new happening in the clubs. Or want listen to the same DJs that were in the same clubs 12 years ago,” she added.

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