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Across Borders

international news _ 22nd May, 2007

Crossing In To Italy

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

Italy will be the next country to get the spotlight for Audio Therapy's "Across Borders" series. This compilation showcases some of the best progressive house from the country on the cover. Past installments saw Greek and Dutch producers come together to show their groove.

Dave Seaman has once again searched through the entire country to find the right tracks for this third installment. The Italian top ten include exclusive cuts from Joe T Vannelli and Claudio Coccoluto, along side Santos, Alex Dolby and others. Like past "Across Borders", the CD will be unmixed and uncut. A digital only release will feature Dino Lenny mixing things up.

"Across Borders Italy" will be released June 18th.

01. Coc & Pat / Lost In Nu World
02. Differentgear / I Want To Do Sex On You
03. Nufrequency / Buy Me (Dub Mix)
04. Tignino & Leo / Standing In The Light
05. Niki B ` Christian E.F.F.E. / Twin
06. Francesco Farfa / Acidazzo (2007 Mix)
07. Santos / This Time
08. Alex Dolby / Prodax
09. Dino Da Cassino / Don't You (Forget About Me) (Mad8 Breakfast Dub)
10. Joe T Vannelli / Get (Instrumental Attack)

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