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Pedro Winter

international news _ 9th May, 2007

Filthy French House Fight

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Daft Punk and Justice manager Pedro Winter claimed every single French artist is influenced by Daft Punk this week, in an outspoken interview in which he also boasted that his (currently) uber-hip label Ed Banger Records was inspired by the mediocrity of mainstream dance culture.

"I was fed up with big name DJs spinning shit music," the glitchy house maestro sniffed, "It was time to bring back the fun, happiness and colour." (Guardian).

Speaking last month, Winter singled out his artists' cheerful plundering of hip hop influences alongside rock as being the key to their success, telling the Village Voice 'we are a big mix of stuff instead of only putting together electronic music and rock, which was electroclash.'

"It's like the ingredients of a pizza," he explained, "Electroclash, that was like a two-topping pizza. But we, we have many ingredients, we are a king pizza."

Electroclash pioneer Tommie Sunshine, meanwhile, launched an equally passionate onslaught against 'glitchy' house music (though didn't mention EdBanger or Justice by name) in Australian mag 3D World and predicted 'proper house' (including 'rolling pianos') will soon be back in vogue.

"Right now it's about who can make the biggest noise, the 'moment' of a record is just a wailing, glitchy mess," the rock/ dance crossover champion complained

"It's gonna go back to song-writing . . . with real proper melody as opposed to just being a big cacophony of noise," he continued, "I look forward to that because I got into this dancing to proper house music- and proper house music didn't have a bunch of glitchy, fuzzy craziness, it was songs," he said,

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