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international news _ 7th May, 2007

My Best Friend's Movement

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

Two of the busiest DJ/producers out of Germany, Martin Eyerer and Oliver Klein have joined skills on the newest compilation from the My Best Friend imprint.

Individually, they have released many tracks and have done countless remixes. Their latest solo work has been released through My Best Friend and Trapez. With roots in the trance scene, the pair has evolved their sound to a more minimal tech/tech House flavour.

This two disc set sees Martin Eyerer mixing disc one and Oliver Klein taking on the second. Many well known names appear on this compilation like Heartthrob, Mathias Tanzmann, Shlomi Aber, as well as remixes by Magda, Konrad Black, and of course tracks from the names on the cover.

"Movement Mixed By Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein" will be released on June 11th.

Disc One - Mixed by Martin Eyerer
01. Duoteque / Amarcord (My My Remix)
02. Matthias Tanzmann / Procon
03. Björn Wilke / What If
04. James What / Follicle
05. Rob Mello / Give Me
06. Johnny Wagner / Intercity(Daniel Stefanik Remix)
07. Shlomi Aber / Freakside
08. Elektrochemie / Mucky Star/Dub
09. Ryan Crosson / Gotham Road(Magda Remix)
10. Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein / Monza
11. Heartthrob / Baby Kate (Konrad Black Remix)
12. Martin Eyerer & Toni Rios / Chorizo
13. Plasmik / Mindpattern
14. Dusty Kid / Cowboys

Disc Two - Mixed by Oliver Klein
01. King Roc / Welcome To The Zion(Sebo K & Metro Remix)
02. D-Nox & Beckers / Shanghigh
03. Mathias Tanzmann / Nip Slip
04. Pascal Feos / Bring The Beat Back(Oliver Klein Remix)
05. Ray Valioso / Get The Strings?
06. G Flame & Mr.G. / Give 'N' Take
07. Random Play / Hovvy Roller
08. Dachshund / Somehow
09. Rejected / SL 3
10. Pan/Tone / Tomorrow Never New
11. Move D / Anne Will (Dennis Karimani Remix)
12. Chris Grubber / Marv
13. Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein / Tiflis

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