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international news _ 16th May, 2007

Looking Like A Gay 'the New Black'

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

'U Look Like A Gay' producers Homotronic refused to come out and reveal their true identities this week, though their Myspace top 8 friend and uber-flamboyant Dutch DJ Joost Van Bellen said the message of the song matters more anyway.

"Looking like a gay is the new black," Joost told Jonty Skrufff, "and yes, you look like a gay too."

Skrufff contributor Dave Clarke said he's happy to be listed in the song alongside 'gay looking' DJs Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, DJ Hell and Tiga, declaring 'I'm not homophobic, so it's not an issue although I've had to quell a few advances after the record.'

"And Tiga, if you are reading this the answer is No, OK? Though I'm honoured, mate, really," he insisted.

Fellow Myspace top 8 Homotronic friend Larry Tee seemed a little put out at being excluded, however, telling Skrufff "I am sure the reason I want listed in the song is because I look SO straight, even though I am gay."

"I assume the record has been produced by straight producers," Larry added, "Because they all want to look gay because gay is the epitome of cool to DJs."

The erstwhile electroclash king also pointed out that looking gay is increasingly difificult these days, anyway with cross dressing and confusion continually clouding the picture,.

"What does gay look like?" he mused, "Well, gay used to be trying to act straight and working out and building muscles but then straight men started copying the gay style it seemed. Then gay became the skinny Hedi Slimane for DIOR look and then the indie rockers and punters adopted that. The final frontier/kink for gay men? Being heterosexual. he laughed. Count me out."

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