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international news _ 31st May, 2007

And Justice For Michael Jackson

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

French pop dance duo Justice sent out advance promo copies of their Prince style symbol album this week and revealed that they're passionate fans of both Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

"Her vocal was the best acapella we ever heard. She is not a faker," they insisted on remixing Britney Spears. "It is not by chance she is a big pop star."

The former graphic designer duo also boasted about 'waking up one morning as musicians' and revealed that new (ultra-cheesy) single D.A.N.C.E. was directly inspired by the paedophile related trials and tribulations of Michael Jackson.

"Us, we were so sure he was innocent, we wrote the song," Gaspard explained. "We wrote the lyrics as tribute to him."

Their fawning support of the fading global superstar contrasted markedly with the attitude of fellow 80s popster Boy George who last year criticized Jackson as he described being arrested by New York cops after they found cocaine in his flat.

"At one point I was taken to Bellevue hospital and I cut my foot and I was chained to a bed at the hospital," George told Australia's Herald Sun.

"It was like what have I done? Michael Jackson is roaming the streets, O.J. Simpson killed his wife, let's get real here," he added.

Gary Numan collaborator Ade Fenton also appeared less than sympathetic earlier this year when he chatted to Skrufff about being taunted in London for wearing heavy black eye makeup.

"I donít get seriously hassled by cavemen anymore but I did get a really, really bizarre insult the other day," Ade recalled. 'Fucking hell, it's Michael Jackson' was the comment thrown this time. Unbelievable," he mused.

Roger Sanchez, who worked with Jackson in the 90s was also muted referring to him as 'an anomaly' in a recent interview with Skrufff in December.

"He's an incredibly talented person that I'm just not sure whether he can recover from the position he's in. I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be a bit difficult for him to come back," the S Man mused.

"Everything is so transitory nowadays, I don't think he's as relevant as he used to be. He's gotten relegated to this freak hall of fame which is a shame because he's such a talented individual and he's made some amazing music. But unfortunately, sometimes things take the course that they do and people lose touch," said Roger.

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