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international news _ 8th May, 2007

Party Police Shut Pacha New York

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

New York clubs ordered Pacha to close last weekend, after undercover cops claimed they bought five ecstasy tablets and a $20 bag of cannabis inside the giant Chelsea superclub and also got into a fight with door staff.

Club attorney Terry Flynn refuted the allegations and criticised the police for over-zealous enforcement.

"We had no knowledge of it (drug dealing) and none of our staff had anything to do with it," he told the Village Voice, "It's very unfortunate the defendant doesn't get a chance to be heard before they close them down, and there doesn't have to be a conviction. Everything is on an allegation basis."

Pacha chief Eddie Dean downplayed the incident telling Skrufff "we met with the NYPD and addressed their concerns and we were open for business on Tuesday."

"We had an amazing weekend with Ferry Corsten and Erick Morillo's annual birthday blowout. It was great," he added.

The Manhattan superclub was shut under New York's infamous 1920s era 'Nuisance Abatement Laws' which were revived by Rudolph Guiliani to launch his unrelenting campaign against nightlife in the late 90s.

The puritanical former Mayor is currently leading polls to become the Republican Party's presidential candidate next year, though this week attracted more flack over earlier televised appearances dressed in full drag,

"People think of him as a leader and a tough guy, and he has this image as somebody who tamed the city of New York and made the trains run on time and seeing him dressed up like a girl would run contrary to all of those things," political science professor Neal Thigpen of Francis Marion University, South Carolina, told Associated Press.

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