HigterFrequency OVERSEAS NEWS



01 -Laurent Garnier Announces No More Trips to the USA
  -Ministry Launch 10 Day Charity Campaign (March 24-April 2)
  -Radio 1's Last Exit To Serbia
  -Want to be a VJ?
  -Chemical Brothers Straight in at Number 1!
07 -Classics from John Digweed
  -Daft Punk New Album Falters Before Launch
09 -Fabric Turns Stateside with Fabric 21 - DJ Heather
  -Global Underground 027 - Miami with Danny Howells
  -Club Tresor Berlin Announces Closure
  -Jeff Mills Moonlighting in London
  -samurai.fm Sessions UK @ Herbal
12 -New York Nightlife Becomes A Museum Piece
  -Paul Van Dyk Calls For Action Against War On Iran
  -LCD Soundsystem Find Their Edge
  -Graham Gold's Cycling Secrets
  -Lazarus Lashes Fontaine, Baker And Clarke
14 -New Order Go Dancing With Jacques Lu Cont
  -Bjork Joins The Lighthouse Family
  -Goa Authorities Ban Beach Parties
  -Britain's Media Moans About Mylo
  -Miss Kittin's Violentine Message
16 -Rolando Quits Underground Resistance
  -Buzzin Fly Volume 2
22 -David Guetta Blasts Boozing Brits
  -Dance Is Dead Jaxx Backtrack
  -Nathan Fake's Cocaine Sex Orgies
  -Detroit's Movement Festival In Doubt
  -Dave Clarke Vs Damian Lazarus- 'Who Are You Rebelling Against- Your Mum?'
24 -Italian DJ Fined 1.4 Million Euros for Downloading
  -Andy Weatherall goes to The End
28 -BK Denies Playing With Knives
  -Danny Howells- More DJs Should Dress Up
  -Tony Humphries Celebrates 10 Years Of Milk N 2 Sugars
  -Ibiza Facing Strict 6am Club Curfew?
  -Detroit Festival Mutates & Returns (May 28-30)
  -James Holden - I'm No Longer A Stoner