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Jeff Mills

international news _ 9th February, 2005

Jeff Mills Moonlighting in London

Detroit deck wizard Jeff Mills arrives back in the UK later this month for a very special performance at The End. Following on from his and Laurent Garniers appearance at Fabric earlier this year Jeff Mills returns to what he does best, 4 deck techno, and if past appearances at The End are anything to go by, it's going to be mobbed. As One presents Jeff Mills on the 19th February will feature JM for one of his mammoth hours long sets along with the going to be massive Brazilian Anderson Noise providing unquestionable support. Brighton based collective Stoma Phunk providing light relief in AKA.

The End date comes as Jeff announces his intention to spend a bit of time in the UK capital working at a record store in Convent Garden. Things may be getting tight in the Mill's household but we don't think Jeff has given up his day, or should we say night job just yet. Instead Jeff manning to register at Eukatech Records in Covent Garden is a special Axis Records (Jeff's label) promotion and involves Jeff helping around the shop, recommending some of his favourite records and generally helping out. Not sure if he'll be dusting the shelves though! He'll be in store and inevitably behind the decks from the 17th - 19th Feb so there'll be plenty of opportunity to ask him where exactly you could get your hands on that rare early 90's acetate... (Matt Cheetham)

Saturday 19th February 2005
'As One' presents: Jeff Mills

Main Room & Lounge: Jeff Mills, Anderson Noise
AKA: Stompa Phunk featuring Stuart Geddes (Mulletover), Serge Santiago, Tula, L'il Dan

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