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international news_ 1st February 2005

Want to be a VJ?

With VJ's fast catching up with their music making partners on the dancefloor on the lineups at events around the world now, more than ever with affordable capable computing power, people are trying it for themselves at home and with this in mind the UK's Channel 4 have put online a website to help budding young artists get started.

The site called PIXnMIX contains a whole host of tutorials on how to get started and hint and tips from the pros but probably most importantly it also contains a massive archive of clips and graphics donated from some of the top VJ's downloadable and ready to slip into any VJ set. Formed with the aid of VJ Juxta from the mighty Coldcut the site has the inside knowledge of how to succeed in the VJ game as well as a nod in the right direction with it's 'Candy Pot' section, check it out. (Matt Cheetham)

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