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DJ Roland

international news _ 16th February 2005

Rolando Quits Underground Resistance

An announcement made on the popular Detroit techno mailing list, 313 stated that after 10 years service with the Underground Resistance collective Rolando will cease to be an 'active soldier'. The separation according to the statement is due to 'unforeseen and sadly irreconcilable differences in respect of his partners in the Los Hermanos label. Rolando will make no further recordings with Los Hermanos and is seeking to amicably dissolve his partnership. In response to the numerous enquiries by fans (and to avoid their disappointment) we wish to make it clear that Rolando will not be taking part in the current live tour with the band Los Hermanos'

Rolando has reportedly spent the last few months working in the studio on his new project that will be revealed in the coming months. Although now mention of the split was available on the Underground Resistance website Rolando was conspicuously absent from the roll of UR artists.

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