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international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 28th February 2005

Tony Humphries Celebrates 10 Years Of Milk N 2 Sugars

US garage veteran Tony Humphries headlines the ten year birthday party of nightclub turned record label/ DJ agency Milk & 2 Sugars next month, and will be spinning a four hour set at the End (March 18)

The one time Zanzibar resident DJ responded minimally to some questions Skrufff tossed his way this week, revealing the worst luck he encountered was at 'a Sunday night 'speed garage' party in London. He also admitted that the closest he came to quitting DJing altogether was at the Miami Winter Music Conference in 99' and promised his Milk N 2 Sugars set will be about 'knowledge, soulful' and 'knowledge and energy'.

Chatting to Skrufff two years ago, he also stressed his continuing emphasis in knowledge, declaring 'most dance music originates from soul so whether you want to go back to hip hop or disco whatever, the common denominator is soul."

"Everything goes in cycles, that clich? is true," he continued, "When people run out of ideas, you always go back to the well, or the library and there's a certain amount of talent or good music that was inside disco. You just need to go back and check it out."

Milk N 2 Sugars presents 10 years of house is at The End (London) on Friday March 18. Milk N 2 Sugars will also be touring internationally throughout March to May with dates in Kuala Lumpur (Zoukfest, March 5 with John Cutler), Amsterdam (Panama, 1st April with Hardsoul) and across the UK. (Jonty Skrufff / Skrufff.com)

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