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Paul Van Dyk

international news_ Jonty Skrufff _ 12th February 2005

Paul Van Dyk Calls For Action Against War On Iran

Rock The Vote figurehead Paul Van Dyk remains totally committed to remaining involved in politics, he stressed this week, despite the recent re-election of US President George Bush.

"I'm still as politically interested and engaged as I was before the election, in fact, I think in these times it's even more necessary that you do something when you see something is wrong," Paul told Skrufff.

"Now we have to deal with four more years of the Bush administration, and we have already seen what they are capable of doing in the last four years," he said.

"Now it is even more necessary that we take a clear stand particularly if they actually go ahead and try to plan an attack on Iran. We all have to be very outspoken, even more than we were before the war against Iraq, not just sitting next to a glass of beer, going out on the street and demonstrating," he urged.

The East German superstar DJ's latest call to arms reflects his own formative experiences growing up as a dissident in a totalitarian state, which have led him to become one of dance culture's most politically conscious and outspoken characters.

"For me politics is basically about getting involved and trying to change something. If you see something is wrong, you have to be verbal about it," he explained.

"You have to open your mouth and support things you support, and make sure that people know what's wrong and what you do not support. I believe that's necessary, especially in times like this where some strange small group takes over America and is trying to attack the next country, when they are still in the middle of two wars they haven't finished," said Paul.

In music news, Paul is currently finishing his latest compilation CD, Politics Of Dancing 2 and DJs in Colombia for the first time this weekend (Medillin, Friday, Bogota, Saturday 5). He'll also be back in America shortly to attend the Grammys where he's been nominated for the Best Electronic/Dance Album award. (Jonty Skrufff / Skrufff.com)

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