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Fabric 21 / DJ Heather

international news _ 9th February, 2005

Fabric Turns Stateside with Fabric 21 - DJ Heather

The musical backdrop of the late 80's Chicago club scene, open to all and celebrated provided DJ Heather's musical upbringing. A mix of hip hop, house and disco with many other styles thrown in as well combined of course with her innate love for music have given rise to one of Chicago's best house DJs. Too long in the shadow of the great house music forefathers hailing from Frankie Knuckles Way now is the time for Heather to step forward and bask in the bright limelight her razor sharp mixing skills will inevitably bring her, and when listening to her new fabric mix, you can't help but think it's going to come soon.

A perfect mix of some very cool house music, nothing too flashy, no screaming vocals, just a cool groove that draws you with it's addictive beats. Like the club the focus is on quality music.

DJ Heather on fabric: "I'm into soundsystems and that's what I like about it. The DJ isn't on display really, you have to seek that person out, it works in reverse. People are there to have a good time and you have to be able to read and understand the room. That's what it is for me: fundamentals. It's about sound, not flash."

Fabric 21: DJ Heather is due out 24/03/05 UK/Europe 19/04/05 USA/R.O.W (Matt Cheetham)

01. Marko Militano / Good People (Dub) [Bananaza Music]
02. 2 Or More / I Got Your Love [Bombay Records]
03. D'Julz / Ze Theme [2020 Recordings]
04. Mario Fabriani / Release [Nightshift Recordings]
05. Mr. Hall Lee / Jump To The Funk [Cadang Recordings]
06. DJ Mes / Back To The Program [Blackcherry Recordings]
07. 2 Utes / Bumpin The BQE (2-Utes Massive Mix) [Abitare]
08. Olivier Desmet / Just Like Heaven / Amenti Music]
09. Kaskade / Steppin' Out (Member's Only Mix) [Om Records]
10. Mike Delgado / Byrdman's Revenge [Henry Street Music]
11. Mike Delgado / Antonio's Groove [Kenlou Records]
12. Justin Martin / Snow Day (JT Donaldson Remix) [Utensil Recordings]
13. C Pen / Puffin Stuff (JT's Flashback Rework) [Utensil Recordings]
14. Magik Johnson feat. Sandy Mill / Feel Alright [Dub Mix] [NRK Music]
15. Maxx Renn / Acid Jack (Original Mix) [Jamayka Recordings]
16. DJ Rhythm / Brazilian Soul (The Jazzy Joint Mix) [Deep Touch]
17. Joey Youngman / Memories [Freaked Records]
18. Overtone / Cat's Eyes [Kushi Music]

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