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Andy Weatherall

international news _ 24th February 2005

Andy Weatherall goes to The End

Superfreak welcomes back The Lord Sabre himself, Andy Weatherall on the 12th of March as one of electronic music's most influential artists joins another one, Mr C for a night of mindless electro house excess.

Andy a name, in fact a legend to anyone with more than a fleeting interest in dance music has been a mover and invigorator of the electronic scene since the early days. From his early experiments with Sabres of Paradise through to his latest live Two Lone Swordsmen experience he has pushed and twist the sounds at every turn. DJing sees him able to feed in some of his influences and contemporaries all mashed up in his usual dancefloor warping style.

Clashing it up in the lounge are Superfreak Ibiza residents Dollz at Play. An essential part of the Superfreak experience these days their Feminine charms, beautiful good looks and and shit hot mixing captivates all in front of them. Coaxed out to play with them Freeform Five's Anu Pilau who has escaped from studio work with the band to play at this event. Add to all this some good old fashioned house music from every ones mates the Shapeshifters upstairs in AKA and you've got a party worth queing for!

Check it out

Saturday 12th March 2005 'As One' presents: Superfreq.
Main Room: Mr C, Andrew Weatherall, Jamie Jones
Lounge: Dollz at Play, Luke vB, Freeform Five
AKA: Nocturnal presents Simon Marlin (Shapeshifters) & guests

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