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international news_ Jonty Skrufff _ 22nd February 2005

Dave Clarke Vs Damian Lazarus- 'Who Are You Rebelling Against- Your Mum?'

British techno don Dave Clarke has responded robustly to criticism Damian Lazarus levelled against his Arthur Baker collaborative track This Feeling in the last issue of DJ Magazine, branding the Crosstown Rebel chief's comments as 'daft'.

Damian described the track as 'pretty disappointing from two of the most prolific and talented producers in techno and electro', adding 'wasn't this big in Miami in 2001? It sounds like it should have been."

"Well Damian, you know that it was indeed recorded in 2001 (between May the 2nd and 8th to be precise) and acetated in Miami the same year," Dave replied in an email he sent to Skrufff. "I say you know because your then label was all over my dick trying to sign me."

Dave went on to claim the pair had even discussed the specific track at the same time ('we talked about it when I gave you a lift home') and signed off with a ferocious broadside against Damian's musical achievements.

"For the record, I wasn't impressed with your Futurism album lifting a large amount of the track-listing/vibe from World Service 1 (which came out some six months earlier)," he stormed.

"And the only reason your piss poor DJ interpretation of Disgracelands made it onto your snoozingly boring "Rebel Futurism" (who are you rebelling against . . . your mum?) was because I wasn't made aware of it to approve its usage by my label and then manager. So get your shit right, it takes more than a Hoxton hat and a Shoreditch scarf to make it in this game," he snarled. (Jonty Skrufff / Skrufff.com)

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