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Fabric 34

international news _ 8th March, 2007

Ellen Allienís Fabric Design

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Ellen Allien, the artist who HigherFrequency previously reported branched out into the world of fashion design, is now back at the decks and this time for "Fabric 34".

The BPitch Control boss adds to her compilation accolades, such as her label's recent "Camping 3", with 15 tracks mixed together in the name of the famous Farringdon club.

Music on the disc comes from many of Ellen's friends including her "Orchestra Of Bubbles" compatriot Apparat as well as Radiohead's Thom Yorke, who Allien recently administered the remix treatment to.

"Fabric 34" will be released on May 14.

01. Schubert / S1
02. Larry Heard Presents Mr. White / The Sun Canít Compare
03. Estroe / Driven
04. Damian Schwartz / Tu Y Yo (Peros Nos Volvemos A Levantar) (Pilas Remix)
05. Don Williams / Orderly Kaos
06. Melody Boy 2000 / Sound Stealer
07. Artificial Latvamaki / It Is Now Either
08. Cobblestone Jazz / India In Me 2
09. Roman Flugel / Mutter
10. Aste/Maan / Aaltovaihe
11. Thom Yorke / Harrowdown Hill
12. Ellen Allien / Just A Woman
13. Ben Klock / Journey
14. Heatthrob / Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix)
15. Apparat / Arcadia

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