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Camping Vol.3

international news _ 29th January, 2007

Extra Terrestrial Camping Trip

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

Ellen Fraatz, better known to most as Ellen Allien is set to release her third label compilation "Camping Vol.3" on March 26th.

This album will not only contain tracks from established BPitch members like Sascha Funke and Modeselektor but newcomers like Zander VT and Larsson. As with past "Camping" adventures, Ellen herself compiled the album, this time throwing in a Safety Scissors remix and a brand new track with Apparat.

Any camping trip would be incomplete without some friends to join the party so in this case that role is taken by Jahcoozi and Fairmont. Following the release a European tour is planned with most likely the entire BPitch crew in attendance.

"BPitch Camping Compilation Vol.3" will be released on March 26th, on BPitch Control.

01. Jahcoozi / Bln
02. Tomas Andersson / Go To Disco
03. Sascha Funke / I Love This Tent
04. Sylvie Marks & Hal9000 / Strahlen
05. Timtim / Your Sexy Beast
06. Paul Kalkbrenner / Der Senat
07. Zander VT / Offroad Camping
08. Feadz / 110 Cloches
09. Modeselektor / Untitled
10. Safety Scissors / Where Is Germany And How Do I Get There? (Ellen Allien Germany Remix)
11. Larsson / Off Voices
12. Ben Klock / Similar Colors
13. Ellen Allien & Apparat / Red Planets
14. Fairmont / Pavilion

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