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international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 23rd November, 2004

DJ Mag Turn On Tiesto

DJ Magazine ridiculed their Top 100 poll winner Tiesto as an egotistical monster whose lost all grip on reality this week, after the Dutch trance star failed to turn up at their top 100 winners party in London.

According to the magazine, the Dutch star pulled out just hours before the party was due to start because he was struggling to perfect a magic trick for a dance festival scheduled the next day, prompting an enraged response from the British mag.

"Since his shock win in 2002, Tiesto has been feeding his ego with a score of high profile events; gigs in football stadiums, a gig in New York's Central Park- a gig at the fucking Olympics," DJ sneered.

"Fair play, no other top 100 winner has used the title for such shrewd and calculating PR. He's the biggest DJ on the planet . . . but boy does he know it," they added.

The mag went on to highlight the fact he'd got a mate to mix last year's compilation Tiesto Presents Magik Muzik when he won last year and also mocked his choice of rider for this year's event which included booze, Red Bull and a selection of cheeses.

"Rock stars ask for mountains of cocaine and racks and racks of whores," they scoffed. "It says a lot for dance music when Tiesto is happy with a cheese fucking sandwich."

Elsewhere in the same issue, club reviewer Paul Clarke was equally scathing in a review of the night, focusing on the moment when editor Lesley Wright announced him as a no-show.

"There's an understandable sense of disappointment from some corners of the crowd- alongside a sigh of relief from those of us who'd prefer to solder our ear together than actually have to listen to his turgid tosh (rubbish- slang Ed)," he spat.

"Much as we respect our readers' choice, we don't actually have to agree with it, you know?"

Tiesto's fall from grace could present opportunities for Armin Van Buuren, who came third in this year's poll with a DJing style apparently based on minimal record shopping and relentless repetition. The Dutch trancer's technique was revealed in a press release for his forthcoming mix compilation Universal Religion 2004, Live From Armada in Ibiza, which captured one of his seven acclaimed Amnesia sets this summer.

"This is a collection of summer memories from one of dance music's heroes of the moment," the press release explained. "The 14 tracks on Universal Religion 2004 could be heard in almost every set Armin played in Ibiza."

Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

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