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Love Parade

international news_17th November, 2004

Love Spreads To South America

The Love Parade, the massive street party organisers originating in Berlin have announced that following a hugely successful debut in North America earlier this year at the first Love Parade San Francisco they will be making the journey south of the equator to hold their first party in South America, due to take place on the 8th January 2005.

Santiago, Chile is the first city to experience the full Love Parade treatment, a massive stage being erected to act as a base for the event and the place where some of the worlds best DJs will be belting out the tracks for over 18 electronically charged hours. Of course it wouldn't be a Love Parade without the procession of truck mounted Soundsystems and road block mayhem that usually ensues.

The event already has the backing of The German Embassy, other party organisers and most importantly the local government who will be grating the license. A whole load of sponsors are already on board and although no details have been released about who will be playing at the event the organisers promise a selection of international and local talent to keep the bass pumping all day and night.

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