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Love Parade Protest

international news_26th June, 2004

Love Parade Protest

One of the original Love Parade DJ's Paul Van Dyk leads a protest next weekend against the city government decision to postpone this year's event. Organized by the Berlin magazine, 'Partysan' Berliners have been asked to come out and support the fight to get the love parade reinstated next year. Keeping in true Love Parade tradition the magazine has organized a sound system that will drive around the city from 5pm to 10pm on Saturday the 10th July, the same time planned for this year's event before it got cancelled.

Due to feature DJ sets from some of Berlins top DJ's, including Mr. Van Dyk, the float will also stop twice during its journey around Berlin for speeches against the government's decision to stop the event this year. Entitled 'Fight the Power: Club Culture vs. Ignorance' the parade hopes to draw thousands of music fans to the demonstration as well as the parties and events taking place all over the city.