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international news _ 11th June, 2007

Club Killers

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

As the summer party, clubbing season approaches three major clubs in Ibiza will be forced to close.

Club closures by authorities have become more and more frequent in the UK, New York and various other places. This time around, Spanish officials are set to close Amnesia, DC10 and Bora Bora, claiming that these clubs did nothing to prevent the sale of drugs on their premises during 2005-2006.

The closures will go into effect next week, and will last for one month for Amnesia and Bora Bora, and two months for DC10, shutting them down after one night of being back in business. This will have a tremendous impact on the clubbing and tourism industry, and demonstrates that authorities are cracking down all over the globe.

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