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Boy George

international news _ 22nd August, 2006

Boy George Hailed As Humble Hero

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Daily Mirror columnist Brian Reade celebrated Boy George’s ‘Bulldog spirit’ in standing up to the American media as he carried out his community service in new York this week, declaring ‘Thank God for Boy George’.

“What joy to see an English-man in New York tell the world generally, and America specifically to go screw itself with such style and conviction,” he gushed.

“Boy George in the New York gutter looked a bigger star than at any time during his days as a prancing geisha girl. If only our politicians had the same bottle when backed into a corner by American bullies,” he added.

The popular columnist went on to praise George’s working class values and straight-talking no nonsense approach, which he demonstrated with a superlative response to a particularly snobby US TV reporter.

“You think there’s something wrong with sweeping the streets,” said George, “Get a fucking life’.

“My mum was a cleaner, my Dad was a builder, I don’t give a fuck. I just want to do my community service. Now fuck off.”

A day earlier, George rounded on the paparazzi rat pack with similarly barely disguised contempt, telling them ‘You’re just making it a nightmare which just means it’s for the media and not for me.

It’s just impractical have you fucking chasing me around. Fuck off. Go away.” (Telegraph)

The one time Culture Club star was widely ridiculed by the press for having to wear the New York binman’s fluorescent bib uniform though in an interview with Skrufff several years ago, pointed out he’d never taken image that seriously throughout his career.

“I never believed I was defined by my clothes, it was just a look and an attitude which felt comfortable to me, with my background, growing up in suburbia as a homosexual. That spiky punk attitude felt right,” said George.

“You either have that punk attitude or you don’t,” he continued.

“It’s about the idea of being more important than thinking ‘what am I going to get out of it?’ Lots of people say to me ‘You’re only like that because you’ve got money’ but I was always like that in the past and have never been any different. The fact that I’ve got money makes no difference, whatsoever,” he added.

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