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Boy George

international news _ 22nd June, 2006

Lonely Boy In the Corner

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

It's been nothing but bad news for pop icon turned DJ Boy George this week. Firstly, the flamboyant New York club scene enthusiast's former group Culture Club is re-forming without him, and have already started the search for a no doubt equally ostentatious replacement. Then, just to rub salt in the wound the unforgiving American judicial system decided to put out an arrest warrant for the abandoned singer. The debacle all began in October last year when Boy George called New York's finest to his Little Italy apartment due a suspected burglary only to have them stumble across a considerable amount of illicit substances.

Just when the situation appeared to be calming down the make up clad disc jockey, known to his grandmother as Geroge O'Dowd, apparently plum forgot that he was due in court to explain why he is unhappy with the sentence handed down for making a false claim to police. The judge involved with the case was reportedly surprised to hear Boy George's alternative suggestions for community service which had included a suggested DJ gig to support the AIDS foundation. We can only imagine what the garish artist did to deserve a week like this but it certainly looks like the Karma Chameleon is looking for revenge.

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