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international news _ 21st August, 2006

13 Brits Arrested As Ibiza Crimewave Intensifies

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Spanish cops investigating the recent San Antonio shoot-out arrested 13 men, mainly from Merseyside, this week, in a raid on a secluded villa on Ibiza.

The Guardia Civile police reportedly seized handguns, knives, ski masks and baseball bats during the raid, which occurred two weeks after three youths were shot, during a gun battle along the main strip of San Antonio’s beachfront. Press reports linked the shootings to the island’s drugs trade, which a new study of Brit holidaymaker’s recreational habits published this week, indicated could be huge.

In more Ibiza crime news, Bad Boy rapper Puff Daddy became a victim last weekend, when cat burglars snatched a six million pound (US$10 million) necklace from a villa he was staying at.

“He was livid when he found out the necklace had been stolen,” a source told the Standard, “he will be lost without it.”

Fellow celebrity pop idol James Blunt, who bought a £2 million mansion on Ibiza earlier this year, also complained about low-level criminality on the island this week, condemning trespassers who’ve been invading his privacy.

“I’ve not had my place in Ibiza long but since I’ve been here I’ve experienced a lot of people hanging around outside my house, it’s totally out of order,” the former soldier complained to the Daily Mirror.

“I’ve gone out and bought a gun that shoots rocks so if I catch anyone hanging round them I will get them with that,” he warned.

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