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international news _ 7th August, 2006

2 Clubbers Shot in Ibiza’s San Antonio

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Three British youths were shot and wounded, one seriously, in Ibiza’s San Antonio this week, after gunmen in two cars clashed on the clubbing resort’s seafront close to Eden, Es Paradis and Manumission’s Bar M.

“It was mayhem, like a scene from a movie,” a tourist who witnessed the incident told the Daily Star, “Two cars full of people were shooting at each other near to the main strip of bars by the sea. Everybody was running and screaming.”

Eight Brits from Liverpool and Newcastle were arrested following the Avenida Doctor Fleming shooting, which local police suggested was caused by a feud between drug gangs involved in selling ecstasy and cocaine. Police said the gangsters fired at least 20 shots ‘with no regard for tourists or passers-by’.

Judge Jules, who hosts San Antonio’s most popular weekly event Judgement Sundays at Eden, told Skrufff he preferred not to comment, beyond pointing out ‘Ibiza's crime rate is way lower than just about anywhere in the UK, which makes this all the more shocking.’

The shootings occurred just over six weeks after three men were shot and wounded in Nottingham nightclub Edge, in an incident police described as ‘not a random attack’.

"A firearm was discharged in a nightclub,” Chief Superintendent Pete Moyes told the BBC, “which means that someone purposefully went out with a gun intent on using it."

Also in England, West Yorkshire Police continue to hunt for gunmen who murdered aspiring music producer Aaron Watson, 27, who was shot in Leeds nightspot Creation on the 1st May and died of his injuries nine days later.

“ This young man was an innocent member of the public who was gunned down whilst out in a nightclub with his friends,” Detective Superintendent Bill Shackleton said in a statement posted on the forces’ website.

“Aaron was standing just behind the DJ box in the area of the nightclub known as Act 3 when he was shot. There was a loud bang as the shot was fired, and we believe those responsible disappeared into the crowd,” he said

“A young man lost his life that night, trying to enjoy himself and make his name in the DJ industry,” the Detective Superintendent added, “If you can offer any help at all please get in touch,” he urged.