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international news _ 16th August, 2006

Liverpool Gangsters Linked To Ibiza Shootings

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Liverpool newspaper The Echo accused Merseyside criminals of controlling Ibiza’s drugs trade this week, and suggested the recent San Antonio shootings were linked to rival drug gangs muscling in on their ten-year monopoly on the island.

“The Liverpool lads have had it all their own way for ages. The problem they've got now is they are there to be shot at,” a ‘senior underworld figure’ told Echo reporter Tony Barrett, “As soon as the Russians and Romanians arrived in Ibiza from Marbella and Majorca the scene changed.”

The Echo suggested rival British dealers from Newcastle were involved in last week’s shooting which saw two innocent teenage clubbers shot and wounded and painted a terrifying picture of mafia style networks. However, Pacha director Danny Whittle, who’s lived and worked on the island for years, told Skrufff many on Ibiza ‘tend to believe the shooting was an isolated incident’.

“I am really surprised it happened,” said Danny, “Obviously Ibiza is a small island and it can’t be that easy to pull off serious crimes and get off the island. I think all of us living here in Ibiza hope that this factor acts as a deterrent to criminals of any kind.”

“If you look at Ibiza in general it is a very non-violent place catering to millions of tourists from all over the world many of whom party and have a drink, but in all my years of coming here I’ve seen very few problems,” he continued.

“We’re just hoping that the local police are at the top of their game and this kind of incident is never allowed to happen on Ibiza again,” said Danny.

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