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B Parade

international news _ 9th April, 2007

Berlin B Parade Replaces Loveparade (July 22)

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Berlin authorities have approved a license to the Berliner Dance Parade (B Parade) for Saturday July 22, just weeks after Love Parade owner Rainer Schalle announced he was seeking other locations due to bureaucratic delay.

The new Parade will be remarkably similar to previous Loveparades with 55 floats driving between Ernst-Reuter Platz and the Brandenburger Tor, though won't involve Love Parade founder Dr Motte who angrily told Skrufff he doesn't even know the people involved.

Skrufff man-in-Berlin Mark Reeder (a long-time friend of Motte's) was sympathetic, saying "I'm not at all surprised at Motte's reaction".

"It's only rock n roll that's how nasty this nasty business is. You have a good idea, present it to the world, have some success and it eventually gets hi-jacked by others and warped into something you never wanted or intended it to be."

"But having said that, the B parade is not going to be anything like the Loveparade - and I have no idea what they even intend to do," Mark continued, "Yet regardless, I'm sure the clubs, hotels, restaurants and travel companies/tourist board and tax office etc are happy about it happening," he said.

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