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Technasia 129 : Technasia Interview
Technasia's return to Japan this month will see South East Asia's seminal techno flag flyers promoting their new album release 'PopSoda'. Coming off the back of Australia's Two Tribes... (more)
Manuel Gottsching 167 : Gebr. Teichmann Interview
Andi and Hannes Teichmann are no ordinary brothers. Most brothers don’t tour the world together driving dancefloors crazy with impressively energetic.... (more)
The Advent 015 : The Advent Interview
All the way from Portugal, The Advent, a.k.a. Cisco Ferreira, came down to Japan last May on a tour produced by ArcTokyo, playing at Nagoya's Club Mago and Tokyo's Ageha... (more)
Sweet n Candy 200 : Tiefschwarz Interveiw
With over 10 years of trotting the global, DJ'ing, producing, and remixing, Tiefschwarz have built a solid reputation for not only their amazing ... (more)
Tiefschwarz 101 : Tiefschwarz Interview
Formed in 1996 by brothers Basti and Ali Schwarz, Tiefschwarz now seems stronger than ever. Despite a rigorous tour schedule involving almost every country imaginable the duo... (more)
DJ Tiesto 136 : Tiesto Interview
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Tiger Stripes 195 : Tiger Stripes Interview
Hailing from a small Swedish Town, Mikael Nordgren was destined to be a musician. Learning every instrument in a band ... (more)
Manuel Gottsching 169 : Tim Deluxe Interview
A lot of his fans probably don’t know it but Tim Deluxe was actually half the brains behind speed garage stormer ‘R.I.P. Groove’ all those years back in ’97.... (more)
Tim Deluxe 90 : Tim Deluxe Interview
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Tobi Neumann 029 : Tobi Neumann Interview
Tobi Neumann is one of the driving forces in the German electronic scene. Initially a producer for commercials and film soundtracks, he began producing his own work after being at the '95 Love Parade.... (more)
Todd Terry 152 : Todd Terry Interview with Jonty Skrufff
"Times have changed; now you don't sell records, you play gigs. Before it was about selling records so you wouldn't have to do gigs. Now I basically give .... (more)
Tom Stephan 80 : Tom Stephan Interview in London with Jonty Skrufff
New Yorker-in-London Tom Stephan recently finished his debut artist album Wowie Zowie and chatted to Skrufff this week about the record and some of his star collaborators. As well as disco icon Celeda and... (more)
Trafik 053 : Trafik Interview
Combining the DJing and programming skills of Andrew Archer and the live ability and production skills of John Elliott, the pair form Trafik one of the most dynamic forces in dance music, if not music itself, today... (more)
Manuel Gottsching 164 : Transit Kings Interview
Whether the inevitable collision of too many ideas on the table, the leisurely gait of seasoned artists who have little to prove in the innovation stakes, or just .... (more)
Trentemoller 191 : Trentemoller Interview
“The most important thing is to believe in your own sound and not to listen too much to what the top DJs are playing or what’s hip right now ... (more)
Triple R 192 : Triple R Interview
Riley Reinhold started DJing way back in 1984 and continues to wow the crowds not only from behind the decks but from almost every medium ... (more)
troy_pierce 177 : Troy Pierce Interview in Tokyo
Midwest born Troy Pierce eventually found his way to the minimal Mecca of Berlin and the welcoming arms of the Minus family but that wasn’t before ... (more)