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Combining the DJing and programming skills of Andrew Archer and the live ability and production skills of John Elliott, the pair form Trafik one of the most dynamic forces in dance music, if not music itself, today. Their experience has been revered by the likes of Nick Warren, using productions from the duo on three of his four Global Underground albums, Dave Seaman, who has required their re-mixing skills for his label Audio Therapy on more than one occasion and their synonymous career with Global Underground mixing nine compilation albums all of which have collectively amassed well over a million sales in total.

After 5 years of mixing and remixing the duo have found time to finish production of their debut album, 'Bullet', that has just been released as the second offering on Global Underground's new GU Music label. HigherFrequency spoke to one half of Trafik, Andrew Archer for the inside story.

> Interview : Matt Cheetham (HigherFrequency)


HRFQ : How/Why did you choose the name Trafik?

Andrew Archer : It's taken from an 80's tv film called "Traffik" about heroin smuggling and basically we just liked the look of the title (after we dropped an F).

HRFQ : You've been compared to the likes of Fluke and Orbital, what influences would you say have helped in the formation of this album?

Andrew Archer : First of all, it's great to be compared with such legends. But I would say that our biggest influences come from a range of styles; everything from Pink Floyd to Kraftwerk, through to the early Renaissance club sound and bands like The Stone Roses and The Who.

HRFQ : You and John started working together in 1999, why did it take so long to produce your debut album?

Andrew Archer : We had been writing material in various shapes and sizes since we started working together but we felt that the name and the sound of Trafik needed to develop more before we committed ourselves to a debut album. Things like the more chilled Electric Calm Series on Global Underground, club remixes for artists such as Dave Seaman, Lostep and Goldfrapp really helped us forge a distinct sound. Then, as it turned out, 90% of the album material was written in the three months we took out to finish up the record.

HRFQ : Do you have any plans to take Trafik Live on the road?

Andrew Archer : Really, we are looking to develop a specific live set that we can tour. With a lot of the tracks from the album not being applicable to the club situation, we think it would only be right to spend some time developing the tracks in new directions. Will keep you posted.

HRFQ : The first single off the album 'Your light' was remixed by Luke Chable, which other tracks on the album would you like remixed and who by?

Andrew Archer : Well, Potter and Habersham are currently doing a remix of "Surrender", which will be part of our new single package out early 2005. We think these two young producers from the USA are really creating a new exciting sound that borders on techno but keeps it funky and melodic.

We would love for one of the more leftfield tracks like "Relax" or "Our Time In The Future" to be remixed by someone like The Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow or Liam Howlett, someone who would really stamp their sound on the track.

HRFQ : What feedback have you had from other DJ's on the album? /p>

Andrew Archer : The feedback has been amazing with support from DJs we have been listening to for years like John Digweed, Nick Warren, Satoshi Tomiie, James Zabiela and Jon Lisle all picking their favourites.

On top of this the feedback from people on messageboards and on email has been phenomenal with them taking the album as a full listening experience not just a bunch of club tunes, one after another.

HRFQ : Describe the Trafik sound in 10 words

Andrew Archer: The Loft News Bible states the sound of Trafik as: "powerful as it is clear, as loud as it is subtle, as defined as it is complex and most of all dynamically and emotionally shattering" Rx 1:V.15

HRFQ : What plans do Trafik have for the next 12 months?

Andrew Archer : We will be adding to our studio Loft which was built at the start of this year. Working on a website loftmusic.co.uk for ourselves and for the artists that we produce; such as Rachel Lamb, the female singer on our album, who has recently signed to Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy label. Obviously we will be working on new Trafik and Forth material and to be honest at the end of 2005 we will have to start thinking about the follow up to "Bullet"!

End of the interview

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