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Dani Siciliano / Slappers

Dani Siciliano / Slappers

Release Date : 02/09/2006
Label : !K7 / Hostess
Cat No. : !K7201CDJ
Format : Original CD
Country : UK / Japan
Style : Future Jazz, Electronica

Vocalist Dani Siciliano of the Matthew Herbert Big Band fame comes up with her third artist album since she released "Around the House" with Matthew Herbert. This disc is also produced my Herbert who recently released his own album "Scale" which relied on all sorts of wacky samples including the sound of coffin lids closing. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Slappers
02. Didn't Anybody Tell You
03. They Can't Wait
04. Why Can't I Make You High
05. Frozen
06. Too Young
07. Think Twice
08. Big Time
09. Repeats
10. Wifey
11. Be My Producer

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