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Hug / Heroes

Hug / Heroes

Release Date : 29/01/2007
Label : K2 / Kompakt
Cat No. :
Format : Original CD
Country : Germany
Style : Techno, Tech House, Minimal

In December Dahlback dropped his album "At The Gunshow" on his own label Pickadoll and already he is back with another LP, this time as Hug. "Heroes" contains a collection of tracks that have already been released as part of various 12" releases, including the tracks 'Fluteorgie' and 'Raido', as well as some new releases from John's Kompakt only alias. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Raido
02. Tiny Stars
03. Fluteorgie
04. Tactic Without Practice
05. Sub
06. The Platform
07. Room of Rum
08. Heroes
09. My Dinosaur
10. Birds
11. Tons of None
12. Ask for It

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